5 Emerging Marketing Careers That Are Growing in 2022


Marketing has been one of the most important careers in the economy since it was invented.

Long ago, people would have to market products in person or in the newspaper.

However, that’s no longer the case today. Here are a few of the fastest-growing careers in marketing for this year.

1. Social Media Manager

marketing-careers-like-social-media-manager--are-growing Social media has taken the world by storm, becoming central to all our lives. It’s almost impossible to run a company without an active social media presence today. However, not everyone understands how to run a well-made social media campaign. As such, there’s a lot of demand for that skillset, making it quite lucrative.

Usually, you don’t need to complete school to start in this industry. If you’ve been on social media in your personal life, you could use that as a portfolio. Better yet, try to show potential employers the work you’ve done for another company. If you can show them that, they’ll probably want to bring you on.

At first, you may not make a ton if you’re working in this segment of the industry. Still, the longer you keep at it, the more your income will grow. So, it would be best if you tried sticking around if possible. That way, you’ll see more income and career growth even with a side hustle.

2. Affiliate Marketer

marketing-careers-like-affiliate-marketer-are-growing Affiliate marketing seems like it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but it is. Economists measured affiliate marketing’s impact, which was $12 billion last year. So, you can find a slice of that to take home as your annual income.

Perhaps the best way to market, performance marketing has been growing rapidly. Instead of paying for views, advertisers only pay for results. So, if nobody clicks on an ad they’ve shown, they won’t pay anything for it. That’s why most have seen cost reductions and improved performance after doing this.

The toughest part of this will be finding a partner, though. So, you may have to spend several hours looking for one. Still, if you can find a company willing to build a relationship, it’s worth nurturing.

3. Content Marketing

marketing-careers-like-content-marketing-are-growing How much time will you have spent reading stuff online by the end of the year? Like most, you’ll have read hundreds of hours of content by then. Somebody must write all the content, and they’re usually paid to do it. So, you could find a niche and become a content creator and marketer this year.

Typically, brands hire writers to broadcast a story. So, you may need to read about storytelling before getting a job here. Otherwise, brands might not like how you’re portraying them. You shouldn’t make them seem as if they’re larger than life, but you should be charitable.

4. Event Management

marketing-careers-like-event-management-are-growingManaging an event is an opportune moment to spread awareness of new products. As people walk into the venue, you could give them branded material, telling them about stuff. Still, if they see a live performance, your content must be eye-catching. Otherwise, they’ll toss it in the trash before the show has even started.

That’s why so many companies have been hiring event managers, too. Since they can improve the performance of their events, they tend to pay for themselves. Ask a recruiter what you would need to break into this industry if you’re interested and find out what’s required for a resume for getting a job. Usually, they’ll tell you the scoop if they’ve been asked.

5. Web Design and SEO

Marketing Careers like Web Design and SEO Are GrowingAnother top niche would be SEO consulting, and it’s growing as fast as ever. Retaining viewers isn’t as tough if you can revamp a company’s website. So, many companies are willing to pay top dollar if you can do that for them.

Plus, you don’t need any specialized education to do it in most cases, either. So, it may be one of the simplest segments to enter if you’re inexperienced.

The Top Marketing Careers for 2022

Building a career in marketing is still a great idea today. However, you’ll have a better experience if you start working on skills early. Over time, they’ll form the backbone of whatever you’re doing in life. Fortunately, there’s still a ton of opportunity out there for anyone willing to chase it.