Beginners Guide to Renting a Motorhome in the UK


Are you planning to rent a motorhome?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the options that you have in the market?

Do not panic. Renting a motorhome is a very nice way to enjoy a holiday.

And the beauty of it: You can test the lifestyle in a motorhome before you buy it.

A motorhome is great for a budget-friendly holiday gift that offers the safety and comfort of a home. Looking for static caravans for sale in Norfolk or the rest of the UK? Here’s what you should consider while renting a motorhome in the UK.

Why is Renting a Motorhome in the UK a good idea?

why-renting-a-motorhome-in-the-uk-a-good-idea The motorhome provides freedom like nothing else. You can chase the sun and travel with the roof over your head that provides all the comfort.

Are you someone who doesn’t feel good about sharing the breakfast buffet? Then a motorhome holiday is perfect for you. You can get it rented and enjoy everything at your own pace and comfort even in close proximity to the best beaches and seaside towns in the UK.

In this guide, we will share all the tips and tricks that are required to plan a perfect motorhome vacation if you’ve never rented one before.

A few things that you need to consider while renting a motorhome

1. Motorhome Features

consider-motorhome-features-while-renting-a-motorhome A Motorhome is designed in such a way that it accommodates the living space with a funky vibe. This has inspired many travellers to enjoy a motorhome life during travel.

Apart from these features, they are also very practical. Therefore, renting it is probably going to be the best idea for your holiday. The features of the motorhome are cool and romantic.

The beds in the motorhome should also be comfortable with many features such as an oven, loo, and shower.

2. Number of people traveling in the motorhome

consider-number-of-people-traveling-in-the-motorhome-while-renting-a-motorhome It is very essential to know the number of people traveling in the motorhome because it will affect almost all the decisions. You need a seat belt for every person including the baby in the motorhome.

Make sure there are an adequate number of sleeping beds. This is important because some motorhomes have 2 seat belts, but some might have 3 or 4.

3. What layout?

check-for-the-layout-while-renting-a-motorhome This is almost a never-ending question because there are different styles, layouts, and accessories that are dependent on personal preference.

A few things that you can consider are the bed and eating area. You can insist on getting a fixed bed or a detachable one which you can make every night. It takes less than 10 minutes to make a bed and makes the motorhome more spacious.

The other thing which you can consider is the eating area. It entirely depends on the preference of the traveller. If you wish to have an eating area or plan to eat outside.

4. Bathroom

check-for-bathroom-while-renting-a-motorhome A bathroom is very important for every motorhome. Fortunately, many motor homes have a fitted bathroom and a shower. However, if you find a motorhome that doesn’t have a bathroom attached to it you can ask for another one.

Another thing to consider is what bathroom requirements do you have on the motorhome? Luckily most motorhomes have an attached bathroom. This bathroom also has a shower.

You can also look for a wet room. Travelers prefer it because it offers more living space without restricting the space of the bathroom. This is something which you should look for while renting a motorhome.

5. Motorhome Hire Insurance

consider-hire-insurance-while-renting-a-motorhome Almost every motorhome rental gives motorhome insurance. But many motorhome rentals do not include personal possessions but only cover damage to the motorhome. You should get a travel insurance policy which will cover everything if there is a mishap or an accident. Asking for a cover that incorporates damage or loss is also a nice idea.

Ensure that you are informed well about the mishaps or accidents or any malfunction. Ask these questions beforehand so that you remain aware of what to do and whom to call in the case of an emergency. Have a vigilant look around the motorhome so that you can get a good idea of the locks and other devices that are fitted there. Do not forget to take all the keys with you.

6. Mileage

check-mileage-while-renting-a-motorhome Mileage is a very important factor while renting a motorhome. Many companies do not include this which can bring a big change in the price that you planned to pay if you are driving a lot. In this case, you can plan a holiday where you don’t need to travel a lot or look for a company that provides unlimited mileage in your budget.

Also, big is not always good. There might be narrow lines which can be difficult to drive with a big motorhome. The countryside roads are often narrow. A small vehicle can also be parked anywhere without occupying much space.

7. Age

check-age-of-motorhome-while-renting-a-motorhomeThe age of the motorhome influences a lot of things. The problem with older motorhomes is that they do not provide all the modern facilities which you might be looking for. This can include insulation, heating, a microwave, or even air conditioning. All these factors depend on when and where you are traveling.

Key takeaways

Enjoying a home on wheels is a dream for many in the UK. There are many reasons why hiring a motorhome is a very good idea if you don’t have a camper van. There are many benefits of renting it rather than buying it as you will figure out if this is something you need. You can rent it to see if you feel it is good for you to purchase later. You can live for the entire time in a motorhome while traveling. You just need to take care that your motorhome is road legal and has all the licenses in place.

If you want to stay away from the hotels and other stay options, renting a motorhome is the nicest way of staying isolated almost like camping, especially when you have your shower and toilet in it.

The UK has so many amazing places to visit. Enjoy a holiday with a perfect road journey without stressing about hotels and stay options. Plan a perfect motorhome vacation if you’ve never rented it before!